Take The Plunge With These Deep, Dark Photos Of The Abyss

Thalassophobia, from the Greek, means “fear of the ocean”. But in reality, the phobia is closer to a fear of the abyss. You know the chill you get when you hear the sound of metal creaking underwater, or when you drop a rock into a deep lake and watch a it sink into nothingness? That’s Thalassophobia.

Source: /r/thalassophobia

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asgard’s next top model

Look how happy Fandral looks, like he’s totally aware how fabulous they look. 

He probably coordinated this whole scene.

"Sif you and I will be in the middle, cause we’re the most fabulous."

"Do that thing that makes your ponytail swing."

"Come on guys, it’ll feel goofy but it’s gonna look so fuckin’ good."

they’re all about to trip over a bench

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